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Identifying the position of the lighthouse on the basis of its characteristics of light.

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Each lighthouse has its own, onique light charasteristic. See Light characteristic at Wikipedia

I’ve created this project many years ago (about 2005) as a semester work on the programming lecture at school.

How it works? Well, it works great. It recognioze all large lighthouse patters on the Poland coast (also whole Kaliningrad Oblast and part of Lithuania).

Usage instruction:

  1. When you want to recognize lighthous execute application on your mobile phone.
  2. Watch carefully lighthouse to recognize, and:
    • press button when you see the light,
    • release button when you don’t see the light.
  3. Gather few samples (at last three) of the lighting cycle (in case of too short sample app will throw SampleToShortException).
  4. Press ‘Options’ button, and then select ‘Recognize’ option.

After selecting ‘recognize’ option application will interpolate gathered samples and find the most suitable matches from the internal database. It will display the list of all suitable lighthouses wogether with percentage match. With some exercise in gathering samples you can easily obtain 98% match in light recognition.


Initial language is PL, but you can change it to EN and DE.

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