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Webcam Capture Live Streaming Example

This example demonstrate how to encode set of buffered images obtained from Webcam instance, transcode into h.264 stream and send to remote peer where it is decoded and rendered in panel.

Example provided by hepin1989. Thank you! This is wonderful piece of the good code :)

How To Use

  1. Run StreamServer - this will open the webcam device and start listening for incoming streaming requests.
  2. Run StreamClient - this will connect to the StreamServer and start displaying image from the remote camera.

The server / client address is localhost by default to run client and server on the same machine, but if you want to stream over the network, you need to change it to reflect your real IP address (server must bind to eth0 instead of lo interface to be visible from the NAT).


  1. The code supports sunny-day scenario only, just to demonstrate the idea, so there are is no complex error checking statements and the code may behave in unexpected manner when launched in real network.
  2. It uses Xuggler which seems to be discontinued.
  3. Remember, this example is to present an idea, so if you need enhancement or bug fix, please implement it and send pull request to share it with community. Be creative :)
  4. To perform streaming over the network you need to change address in server from localhost to your real IP address (e.g. such as or in general). I'm not sure how it works with the IPv6 support - feel free to test it.