A plugin for status.net to use a yourls-installation as a url-shortener-service
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This plugin was developed for the use with a status.net-installation and a accessable yourls-shortener-installation.
See: * http://status.net
     * http://yourls.org

== Installation ==

1. Upload the YourlsPlugin.php in the plugin-folder of your status.net-installation.

2. Modify the following lines by replacing "your-yourls-installati.on" with URL of your YOURLS-installation and replace "your-secret-yourls-signature" with the signature of your YOURLS-installation, which you can found in the tools-section in your admin-backend.

// YOURLS-Shortener-For-Status.net Plugin
addPlugin('Yourls', array('shortenerName'=>'YOURLS','freeService'=>false,'serviceUrl'=>'http://your-yourls-installati.on/yourls-api.php?signature=your-secret-yourls-signature&action=shorturl&url=%1$s&format=json'));

3. Copy the lines in the config.php of your status.net-installation.

4. Log in your status-net-Server, go to "Account/Other", choose "YOURLS" as your favourite shortener and have fun shortening. Status.net by now olny will shorten links if the status-notice including the url is greater than the allowed amount of chars to be sended (usually 140 chars).

Tested with status.net 0.9.1/0.9.2 and yourls 1.4.3, as can be seen at http://s.wuerzblog.de