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Syntactic sugar for defining lambda functions with explicit scope. Supports short lambda definitions which are not possible with Elixir capture syntax.

  import Lambda

  ld(_1 + _2 + _3)    # same as &(&1 + &2 + &3)
  ld(1 + 2)           # zero arity function
  ld(_1)              # identity function
  ld(_2 * 2)          # guesses arity from the highest index, not all arguments have to be used
  ld(4, _2 + 3)       # explicitly set arity to 4, not all arguments have to be used 

In addition, two macros are included to compensate for pipeline shortcomings. The macro ldp can pipeline to any argument in the function call:

  |> ldp(:gb_trees.enter(:a, 1, _1))
  |> ldp(:gb_trees.enter(:b, 2, _1))

When pipelining to the last argument, this can be shortened with the ldl macro:

  |> ldl(:gb_trees.enter(:a, 1))
  |> ldl(:gb_trees.enter(:b, 2))

ldl is specifically useful with records pipelining:

  defrecord TestRecord, [a: 0, b: 0] do
    import Lambda

    def create do
      # pipelining inside the record module
      |> ldl(a(1))
      |> ldl(b(2))
      |> ldl(update_a(&(&1 + 2)))

  # pipelining outside the record module
  |> ldl(TestRecord.a(1))
  |> ldl(TestRecord.b(2))
  |> ldl(TestRecord.update_a(&(&1 + 2)))
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