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Sasaki Associates


  1. geo-png-db Public

    GeoPngDB is a tiled geospatial data format capable of representing global-scale data sets at high resolution in a format natively supported by web browsers.

    JavaScript 14 1

  2. zaru Public

    Zaru is a system for creating dynamic real-time map visualizations and dashboards. Zaru takes advantage of the latest graphics hardware and leverages tricks for data organization invented at Sasaki…

    JavaScript 16 1

  3. PaintTheMap is a web-based painting tool that provides a simple interface for rapidly testing ideas connected to data

    JavaScript 6 1

  4. Using PyQGIS and Rgeoda for Evaluating Localized Equitable Park Access across the United States

    R 3 1

  5. png-db Public

    a simple database that uses PNG image compression to send large numbers of rows to the browser

    JavaScript 19 1

  6. A GPU animated point cloud for three.js suitable for tweening large numbers of points

    JavaScript 9 1


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