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static site builder using python and flask
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When I decided to update my web site, I wanted, for ease of setup and maintenance, a static site. But I also wanted to be able to write using markdown. My first idea was to write a script to process the markdown and build a site, but then I ran across this post. Using Flask and a few other plug-ins I now have a really nice, easy to maintain script for building my site.

The file is the script i created to build my site based on that post. It is discussed futher on in several entries on my blog at The script has not been made "reusable" and contains references to my blog, however, these are certainly editable. Of course the ftp information required to upload the site is not included ;-).

The basic a folder structure for the site is:

+ site
---- build
---- env 
---- src
	  ---- pages 
	  ---- static 
	  ---- templates 

where env is the folder for a virtual environment for the python packages. The packages I am using are listed in the imports, as is future with statement I am using.

from __future__ import with_statement

import sys
import os.path
import shutil
import zipfile
import itertools
import yaml
import markdown
import PyRSS2Gen

from filecmp import dircmp
from datetime import datetime
from flask import Flask, render_template,abort,make_response
from flask_frozen import Freezer
from HTMLParser import HTMLParser

The most important one is Frozen Flask which will walk the flask application, using the url_for, function calls and save the site into the build folder. Unlike the post I based this project on, I didn't use FlatPages, instead I recreated the parts of that module that I needed.

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