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Website based on HTML CSS and JavaScript to analyze live sound and audio files
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The Audioanalyzer is a website to analyze different audio files in various formats. It is the result of a university project. The FFT used for transformation is made by Project Nayuki.

The intension of the project was to build an environment where everybody can easily and fast analyze audio signals. The code for Audioanalyzer is licensed under the GNU General Public License Copyright (C) 2016 Moritz Balters, Sascha Bilert, Vlad-Stefan Paul IHA @ Jade Hochschule applied licence see EOF.


If you want to checkout the project or analyze audio files locally you can copy the following lines:

git clone
cd audioanalyzer

Open the local index.html file in a web-browser like Firefox or Chrome to use the Audioanalyzer.


The Audioanalyzer is a web app to display different audio signal features and control the signal by using i.e. the select and playback function.

You can zoom into the displayed spectrogram and click to navigate to a desired playback position (marked by a red bar). You have several parameters i.e. windows, block length or overlap. For more details, you can open the instructions.html file.

Here are some important files of the project:

fft.js contains the FFT implementation in JS from Project Nayuki.

audioprocessing.js decodes the audio data and contains all the calculations based on the linear amplitudes i.e. magnitude spectrogram and group delay.

spectrogram.js receives all the calculated data from audioprocessing.js, maps the data and applies different colormaps.

waveform.js contains all the calculations for the waveform i.e. amplitude and RMS.

index.html contains the basic website used to display the website


The website is optimized for the following web-browsers:

  1. Google Chrome (Ver. 55.0)
  2. Firefox (Ver. 50.1.0)


Version: 1.0 (Moritz Balters, Sascha Bilert, Vlad Paul)

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