Your news as a timeline. It's like twitter but for news-feeds.
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Do you like getting an overview of news? Do you prefer timelines? With personalNews you'll get your news-sources presented as a timeline to get a quick overview of whats currently happening. It's like twitter, but for news!


How does it work?

Just place the contents of the folder /htdocs on your own webserver. Make sure it supports php - this is the only requirement. If feeds didn't get fetched, try to modify your php.ini and allow allow_url_fopen allow_url_fopen = true. Some providers only require to tick a checkbox allow_url_fopen in the backoffice to allow this functionality.

Use case

I build this primarily to use it in a webpanel in vivaldi. But I really like to use this app on mobile too. It gives me a quick overview of whats currently happening. I really hope you enjoy this little tool as much as I do. :)

Want a demo?

Setup your own links and blacklist-keywords

personalNews comes with a default list of links and some example keywords for blacklisting, to show you how it works. It contains a list of popular news-sites and some development-ressources. You can change that. Just head over to '/htdocs/data/data.json` and play with that file. It's quite self explanatory.


  • easy to configure via json
  • only requires php on your server
  • uses vanillaJS (to minimize file-size)

Planned Features

  • toggle descriptions
  • allow theming (done)
  • allow blacklisting of news (done)
  • grouping of related news
  • multiple timelines (done)
  • allow onsite-editing so you don't have to fiddle with the json-file

Infos for local development

Usage of Vagrant

  1. install vagrant on your machine (
  2. install Virtualbox (
  3. head to your local repository an enter vagrant up
  4. Wait a while until all components are loaded an the box is running. (The first start can take a while)
  5. visit (

Usage of gulp

  1. Make sure, you have node.js installed on your computer (
  2. run npm install gulp-cli -g to install gulp
  3. run npm install to install gulp in your project
  4. run gulp sass:watch to compile SASS on the fly


  1. Screenshots on this page made with