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Generated Components require a JSHint global definition for the top-level namespace #59

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Jason Scott saschakiefer
Jason Scott

i.e. If we generate a component inside our app with namespace then JSHint will complain about the generated Component.js file that foo is not defined. Adding /*global foo*/ to the top of the file fixes this.

Should we ensure that generated files are all JSHint error free?

This issue applies to all generators - even the app generator. It just happens that we have sap defined as a global in .jshintrc which hides the error if you select the default namesace (sap.ui.demo) on your app.

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saschakiefer saschakiefer added this to the 0.2.2 milestone

I think that makes sense, but also depends a bit on how complex this might become...

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Jason Scott
Jason Scott js1972 referenced this issue from a commit in js1972/generator-openui5
Jason Scott js1972 fix(sub generators): Add jshint global declaration for namespace in n…
…ew components.

When a uiComponent or facelessComponent is generated a namespace is prefixed.
JSHint will compain about the top-level object name in the namespace being
 undefined so we add it as a global:
 e.g. => add /*global foo*/ to top of file.

Fixes #59
Jason Scott js1972 closed this
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