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An Elm client for Phoenix Channels.

This package makes it easy to connect to Phoenix Channels, but in a more declarative manner than the Phoenix Socket Javascript library. Simply provide a Socket and a list of Channels you want to join and this library handles the unpleasent parts like opening a connection, joining channels, reconnecting after a network error and managing replies.

Getting Started

Declare a socket you want to connect to and the channels you want to join. The effect manager will open the socket connection, join the channels. See Phoenix.Socket and Phoenix.Channel for more configuration details.

import Phoenix
import Phoenix.Socket as Socket
import Phoenix.Channel as Channel

type Msg = NewMsg Value | ...

socket =
    Socket.init "ws://localhost:4000/socket/websocket"

channel =
    Channel.init "room:lobby"
        -- register an handler for messages with a "new_msg" event
        |> Channel.on "new_msg" NewMsg

subscriptions model =
    Phoenix.connect socket [channel]


Since this package is an effect manager it is at the moment not aviable via elm package. Thus the recommended way to install the package is to use elm-github-install. Simply add in elm-package.json "saschatimme/elm-phoenix": "0.3.0 <= v < 1.0.0" to your dependencies:

# elm-package.json
  "dependencies": {
    "saschatimme/elm-phoenix": "0.3.0 <= v < 1.0.0",

and install the package with elm-github-install.

Please note: Depending on your setup the example Phoenix app in this repo can cause errors. One solution would be to simply delete the example folder. See this issue for more details.

The last compatible version with Elm 0.17 is 0.1.0.


You can find the documentation here (currently Phoenix.Presence is missing).


A simple example chat application can be found here.


Contributions are welcome! If you get stuck or don't understand some details just get in touch. If you want to contribute but don't know what here are some ideas:


If you use the package in your project, I would love to hear how your experience is and if you have some ideas for improvements!