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/* SAS program to accompany the article
"How to simulate data from a generalized linear model"
by Rick Wicklin, published 14MAY2019 on The DO Loop blog:
/* Example from _Simulating Data with SAS_, p. 226--229
See also
Logistic model with parameters (-2.7, -0.03, 0.07) */
/* simulate 100 samples from two models:
SimType=Correct: the correct way to simulate a logistic model
SimType=Wrong: a wrong way to simulate a logistic model. This
simulation adds a random normal effect to the linear predictor.
%let numSim = 100;
%let Std = 0.8;
data Heart;
call streaminit(12345);
set Sashelp.Heart(keep=Cholesterol Systolic);
x1 = Cholesterol;
x2 = Systolic;
do SampleID = 1 to &numSim;
N = rand("Normal", 0, &Std);
U = rand("Uniform");
/* The correct simulation: use linear predictor w/o error */
SimType = "Correct";
eta = -2.7 - 0.03*x1 + 0.07*x2; /* linear predictor */
mu = logistic(eta); /* transform by inverse logit */
y = (U < mu); /* random binary response with probability mu */
/* The wrong simulation: add error to the linear predictor */
SimType = "Wrong";
eta = eta + N; /* Wrong: linear predictor plus error */
mu = logistic(eta); /* transform by inverse logit */
y = (U < mu); /* random binary response with probability mu */
proc sort data=Heart;
by SimType SampleID;
/* Macros to disable ODS. See
%macro ODSOff(); /* Call prior to BY-group processing */
ods graphics off; ods exclude all; ods noresults;
options nonotes;
%macro ODSOn(); /* Call after BY-group processing */
ods graphics on; ods exclude none; ods results;
options notes;
/* fit both sets of data to the logistic model Y = X1 X2 */
proc logistic data=Heart;
by SimType SampleID;
model y(Event='1') = x1 x2;
ods output ParameterEstimates = PE;
/* convert parameter estimates from long to wide */
data PEWide;
keep SimType SampleID Intercept x1 x2;
retain Intercept x1 x2;
set PE;
if mod(_N_, 3)=1 then Intercept = Estimate;
else if mod(_N_, 3)=2 then x1 = Estimate;
else x2 = Estimate;
if mod(_N_,3)=0;
proc sgscatter data=PEWide;
matrix Intercept x1 x2 / group=SimType transparency=0.5;
/* create clibration plots for correct model and misspecified model */
title "Calibration Plot";
ods graphics / LOESSMAXOBS=6000;
proc logistic data=Heart plots(maxpoints=none only)=calibration;
where SampleID = 1;
by SimType;
model y(Event='1') = x1 x2 / GOF; * New in 15.1;
ods select CalibrationPlot;
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