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CasperJS Changelog
XXXX-XX-XX, v0.4.3
- fixed #32 - `` handles `<a href='javascript:'>` links
- fixed #34 - avoid having previously loaded DOM contents being still active on run complete
2011-12-25, v0.4.2
- fixed erroneous error handling in Casper.capture()
- updated the way exceptions are thrown; now using `throw new Error()` everywhere
- merged PR #30 - Add request method and request data to the base64encode method (@jasonlfunk)
- casperjs executable now gracefully exists on KeyboardInterrupt
- added method, for downloading any resource and save it onto the filesystem
2011-12-21, v0.4.1
- fixed #31 - replaced bash executable script by a Python one
2011-12-20, v0.4.0
- first numbered version
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