Ansible playbooks/roles for installing sharded Postgresql database and utilities on Ubuntu 14.04
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Installation and configuration of sharded Postgresql cluster on Ubuntu 14.04 trusty.

The installed clusters comprised of configured Postgresql, Pl/Proxy, PgBouncer and PGQ.

Running demo cluster

In order to try it out you need a VirtualBox and Vagrant installed.

git clone
cd pgshards
vagrant box add  ubuntu/trusty64
vagrant up

After it's finished you should be able to connect to postgresql demo cluster using the following connectstring:

psql postgresql://demo:demo@localhost:5455/demo

In order to connect to the host via ssh use the command:

vagrant ssh

Repository Structure

  • 9.3 - ansible roles for installing cluster based on Postgresql 9.3
  • inventory - ansible inventory files responsible for insfrastructure description
  • application.yaml - demo application descriptor (depends on pgbuild)
  • - vagrant provisioning script
  • play_install.yaml - ansible playbook for cluster setup
  • Vagrantfile - Vagrantfile )