Rich SQL client for Postgresql, MySQL, MS SQL, Amazon Redshift
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SQL Tabs

Rich SQL client. Home

Supported databases:

- Postgresql
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Amazon Redshift

Supported Platforms:

- Mac
- Windows
- Linux


In order to run SQL Tabs from source code follow the next steps: (In case of any issues please report them here)

  1. Install npm - a javascript package manager

  2. Install electron - a runtime environment for application (version is important):

    npm install electron-prebuilt@1.4.7 -g
  3. Install React javascript extension the application is written with:

    npm install -g react-tools
  4. Get the code, install dependencies and build the application:

    git clone
    cd sqltabs
    npm install
  5. Run the application:

    electron .

When you make changes in the source code under src/ directory it's enough to rebuild only application with the command:

    jsx src/ build/

During the development it's convenient to have launched in the separate session the following:

    jsx --watch src/ build/

Thus you can skip a manual rebuild. The code will be rebuilt automatically on changes.

Contributions are welcome.