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The ALFAM2 dataset on ammonia loss from field-applied manure. This repository contains the ALFAM2 dataset and the code used to generate it from original data files. It serves two purposes: code tracking (for me) and versioning (primarily for dataset users).

Quick tips

  • More details on the ALFAM2 project, and access to project products:
  • Want the ALFAM2 dataset? Look in "data - ALFAM2 output" for both plot- and interval-level files.
  • Or the ALFAM2 database? You can download this same dataset, or some subset filtered by country, application method, or more, from the ALFAM2 database interface:
  • Looking for the ALFAM2 model R package? You want


For a description of the dataset, see this paper: For a new model for new model for ammonia emission, based on the ALFAM2 dataset, see this paper:

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