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  • terraform init
  • terraform apply

Monitor notifications

while sleep 1; do \
	(MSG=$(aws sqs receive-message --queue-url $(terraform output queue)); \
		[ ! -z "$MSG" ] && echo "$MSG" | jq -r '.Messages[] | .ReceiptHandle' \
		| (xargs -I {} aws sqs delete-message --queue-url $(terraform output queue) --receipt-handle {}) \
		&& echo "$MSG") \
	| jq -r '.Messages[] | .Body | fromjson |
		"\(.time): \(.detail.resourceId) => \(.detail.newEvaluationResult.complianceType)"' \
; done

Change compliance status (requires 3-5 minutes to show up)

aws s3api get-bucket-encryption --bucket $(terraform output bucket) \
	&& aws s3api delete-bucket-encryption --bucket $(terraform output bucket) \
	|| aws s3api put-bucket-encryption \
		--bucket $(terraform output bucket) \
		--server-side-encryption-configuration \
			'{"Rules": [{"ApplyServerSideEncryptionByDefault": {"SSEAlgorithm": "AES256"}}]}'

(You might see an error An error occurred (ServerSideEncryptionConfigurationNotFoundError) when calling the GetBucketEncryption operation: The server side encryption configuration was not found. That is fine.)

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