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SPA deployment CloudFormation template

Deploy to the us-east-1 region, wait ~20 minutes.

  • URL: the deployment URL
  • Bucket: the bucket where you can put the files
Try it out

You need:

  • The aws cli configured
  • jq
  • npm


  • clone this repo
git clone
git clone
  • build the SPA:
cd react-redux-typescript-boilerplate
npm ci
npm run build
cd ..
  • deploy the template:
cd spa_deployment
aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation deploy --template-file cloudformation.yml --stack-name spa-deployment-test --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM
SPA_TEST_BUCKET=$(aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name spa-deployment-test | jq -r '.Stacks[0].Outputs[] | select(.OutputKey == "Bucket") | .OutputValue')
SPA_TEST_URL=$(aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name spa-deployment-test | jq -r '.Stacks[0].Outputs[] | select(.OutputKey == "URL") | .OutputValue')
cd ..
  • deploy the sample application:
aws s3 sync react-redux-typescript-boilerplate/build s3://$SPA_TEST_BUCKET --delete --exclude '*.map'
  • browse the url in a browser:
Delete the stack
  • clear the bucket:
aws s3 rm s3://$SPA_TEST_BUCKET --recursive
  • delete the stack (you need to issue multiple deletes during multiple hours to delete everything):
aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name spa-deployment-test

aws --region us-east-1 cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name spa-deployment-test
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