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A simpe code coverage tool using Pin. It can creates a minimum set of files with the best code coverage. This is very useful for fuzzing. Currently the pintool is only compiled for linux x86. But it can be easily compiled for other platforms. Pin should be in the same directory like coverage.py. If it is lying in another path, the path in the script has to be changed.


  • Pin
  • psutil


usage: coverage.py [-h] [-f <files>]
				   [-a <application string> [<application string> ...]] -b
				   <output path> [-s <output path>] [-l] [-t] [--only <libs>]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f <files>, --files <files>
						path to files
  -a <application string> [<application string> ...], --application <application string> [<application string> ...]
						application string
  -b <output path>, --bbls <output path>
						the path where the code coverage files should be saved
  -s <output path>, --set <output path>
						the path where the minimum set of files should be
  -l, --list-libraries  prints all the touched libraries used by the
  -t, --terminate       terminates the process if this idling
  --only <libs>         a comma separated list which libraries should only use
						for code coverage analysis

Create only coverage files. So it is possible to generate the coverage files on different machines.
coverage.py --files files --bbls bbls --application /usr/bin/evince %FILE% --terminate

Create coverage files and the minimum set of files
coverage.py --files files --bbls bbls --application /usr/bin/evince %FILE% --set set --terminate

Only create the minimum set, when you have existing coverage files.
coverage.py --files files --bbls bbls --set set 

List all used libraries
coverage.py --bbls bbls --list-libraries

Create a set with the best coverage over just a few libs
coverage.py --files files --bbls bbls --set set --only libc.so.6,evince,libjpeg.so.62