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Baseblog Changelog

2.0.3 (Mar 17th, 2015)

Minor fixes

  • Improved the blueprints
  • Modified the .gitignore
  • Deleted a redundant redirect entry in the .htaccess

2.0.2 (Oct 07th, 2014)

New feed and some minor stuff

  • Added new feed plugin
  • Added new headline fields to the article blueprints
  • Fixed some minor stuff and a few typos

2.0.1 (Sep 10th, 2014)

Minor stuff and fixes

  • Fixed the blueprints for blog and site [#10]
  • Cleaned up the feed
  • Fixed a formatting in the license

2.0 (Aug 27th, 2014)

Complete revision for Kirby 2

  • Huge rewrite and simplification of all templates
  • New blueprints
  • New search
  • Introduced tags instead of categories
  • Simpler results
  • Minor design adjustments
  • Typography overview page
  • More basic styles including Markdown Extra features
  • Dropped all "old IE" clutter
  • Cleaned up and rearranged the entire CSS
  • Added Kirby Core and Panel as submodules

1.1.6 (Jul 29th, 2014)

Some minor stuff

  • Cleaned up some styles
  • Dropped the crappy <h1> in the site's header
  • Fixed some typos

1.1.5 (Apr 26th, 2014)

Some minor fixes and improvements

  • Fixed filtering of categories containing spaces. [#9]
  • Added a new category to showcase the filtering fix above
  • Other minor template adjustments for blog.php
  • Added some global typo styles to provide a better default

1.1.4 (Jan 20th, 2014)

Just a few fixes

  • Dropped the width: 100%; line on <img> elements (stupid me)
  • Added a link to my latest blog post about Baseblog to the
  • Cleaned up some markup and styles

1.1.3 (May 21th, 2013)

Some fixes and a bunch of minor improvements

  • Fixed the blockquotes CSS
  • Dropped the <hgroup>-element
  • Fixed a typo on the 404
  • Switched font-size from px to em. Added a corresponding, global media query for smaller devices
  • Added some headings and a basic style for code (/about)
  • Added pages to possible search results
  • Cleaned up the CSS
  • Dropped some trailing white space

1.1.2 (Mar 28th, 2013)

Some fixes and the brand new <main>-element

  • Added the <main>-element for better semantics
  • Cleaned up some CSS classes
  • Fixed some minor stuff

1.1.1 (Mar 15th, 2013)

Some fixes and pumped up categories

  • Fixed the broken to top link in the footer.php
  • Improved the blog categories. Multiple (and no) categories are possible now
  • Added a .gitignore. Finally

1.1 (Mar 12th, 2013)

A minor release to bring up some improvements and new features

  • Added a post format for videos
  • Added a search
  • Added post dates to every post format
  • Added role attributes to promote a better accessibility
  • Added some responsive flavored CSS for the Kirby created .video-container-class to avoid those ugly black bars when scaling down
  • Cleaned up the templates and the corresponding CSS
  • Added a self hosted html5shiv.js to the assets folder
  • Refreshed the design. Just a lil' bit

1.0.1 (Mar 10th, 2013)

A little fix, crafted by @mrimann which eliminates PHP short tags for better compatibility

1.0 (May 04th, 2012)

First Release