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Dart Sass 1.23.0

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To install Dart Sass 1.23.0, download one of the packages above and add it to your PATH, or see the Sass website for full installation instructions.


  • Launch the new Sass module system! This adds:

    • The @use rule, which loads Sass files as modules and makes their members available only in the current file, with automatic namespacing.

    • The @forward rule, which makes members of another Sass file available to stylesheets that @use the current file.

    • Built-in modules named sass:color, sass:list, sass:map, sass:math, sass:meta, sass:selector, and sass:string that provide access to all the built-in Sass functions you know and love, with automatic module namespaces.

    • The meta.load-css() mixin, which includes the CSS contents of a module loaded from a (potentially dynamic) URL.

    • The meta.module-variables() function, which provides access to the variables defined in a given module.

    • The meta.module-functions() function, which provides access to the functions defined in a given module.

    Check out the Sass blog for more information on the new module system. You can also use the new Sass migrator to automatically migrate your stylesheets to the new module system!

See the full changelog for changes in earlier releases.