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Trivial formatting change.

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commit 40a251eaa72fd5160d383d7383ea2b4a7dd8a420 1 parent 0a944e4
Aaron Leung akhleung authored
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@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ First, you create a sass context struct. We use these objects to define
different execution parameters for the library. There are three
different context types.
- sass_context //string-in-string-out compilation
- sass_file_context //file-based compilation
- sass_folder_context //full-folder multi-file
+ sass_context // string-in-string-out compilation
+ sass_file_context // file-based compilation
+ sass_folder_context // full-folder multi-file
Each of the context's have slightly different behavior and are
implemented seperately. This does add extra work to implementing
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