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Does libsass support the debug_info option? #33

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just one quick question: Does libsass support the "debug_info" option that generates Firesass compatible meta information?


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Debugging info #15


Hi, is there any progress on this issue? I've found this can be very useful.
Especially since chrome supports sass sourcemaps:



Sorry, no progress on this yet; I've been working on other features. The closest thing that LibSass supports so far are human-readable comments that provide the SCSS filenames and line numbers for each generated CSS block (enable with the source_comments flag in the sass_options struct).

I'll take a look at the article linked above.


Thanks for reply. Maybe if i will have som free time i'll look into code a try to help with it. Performance of your c++ implementation is great. Lack of sourcemap support and sass syntax (whitespace) are only reasons why i'm still using ruby version. +1 for this project.


Thanks for the encouragement! The whitespace-sensitive syntax is on our long-term to-do list. And we always welcome pull requests!

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SASS sourcemap #83


Hi @dorny I'm hoping your fix will make into libsass. Did you submit a pull request to @hcatlin ?


Yes I submit pull request immediately after i have hotfixed it. But it cannot be merged now. There's little problem on windows - maybe just one missing "#include". I was very busy last days, i will fix it soon and than we will see if @hcatlin or @akhleung will merge it. Hotfix is still hotfix, i didn't study much about sourcemaps but this simple solution seems to work.


I haven't forgotten about your merge request -- I'll be doing some LibSass development next week and will be able to review it then.

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Michal Dorner Fixes #33: support the debug_info f5911c3
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