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libsass does not accept parsing from stdin #55

mingodad opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Testing sassc I noticed that it doesn't accept input from stdin and looking to implement that I found that libsass doesn't accept input from stdin because it tries to fstat a file name to get it's size and preallocate memory to ready it all in memory.

Would be nice if we could use sassc/libsass accepts input from stdin that way it could be part of a sequence of filters through redirection.

cat some.scss | sed | sassc | sed | ...


Given the way that the LibSass tokenizer is implemented, LibSass itself will probably not be able to stream from stdin. It would be better for the caller/wrapper to read everything from stdin and pass it to LibSass as a string. I'll close this ticket and open a corresponding one in the SassC repo.

@akhleung akhleung closed this

Any news on this feature ?


@franckbret LibSass is a pure library. It doesn't execute itself. SassC is the counterpart to libsass that allows you to read from stdin.


Thanks for your answer. Btwi don't get why i can't see this option when I run ./bin/sassc --help

I've seen this merge, quite old but with stdin support at the sassc level, so I supposed it was ok... sass/sassc#44

Now I really miss something...

Looks like I run sassc version 0.4.2

./bin/sassc --version
sassc 0.4.2

./bin/sassc --help
Usage: sassc [options] SCSS_FILE [OUT_CSS_FILE]

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s STYLE, --output-style=STYLE
                    Coding style of the compiled result.  Choose one of
                    compact, expanded, compressed, or nested. [default:
   -m, -g, --sourcemap   Emit source map.  Requires the second argument (output
                    css filename).
   -I DIR, --include-path=DIR
                    Path to find "@import"ed (S)CSS source files.  Can be
                    multiply used.
   -i DIR, --image-path=DIR
                    Path to find images. [default: ./]
   -w, --watch           Watch file for changes.  Requires the second argument
                    (output css filename).

Obviously if i give something from stdin or if I use --stdin arg, it fails. Why do ./bin/sassc doesn't give the same options as I can see there ?

Thanks in advance


Sure, thanks for your response.

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