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Commits on Nov 5, 2019
  1. Use a stable sort in Patch.applyAll (#126)

    jathak committed Nov 5, 2019
    Patches can be order-dependent when insertion patches are involved, so
    we need to use a stable sort in Patch.applyAll.
  2. Delete only the prefix when renaming (#125)

    jathak committed Nov 5, 2019
    Previously, renaming references involved patching the entire name, which
    had the side of effect of converting all underscores in the original
    name to dashes. This now preserves those underscores by only patching
    the removed prefix.
  3. Support --forward=prefixed across migrator runs (#124)

    jathak committed Nov 5, 2019
    * Support --forward=prefixed across migrator runs
    Fixes #123.
    If a member was unprefixed by a previous migrator run, running the
    migrator on a downstream stylesheet with `--forward=prefixed` should
    still forward that member.
    * Add additional test
    * Support subprefixes
    * Code review + fix bug test revealed
    References should now take prefixes into account when checking a
    member's visibility in a `@forward` rule.
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