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@xzyfer xzyfer released this 17 Sep 12:50
· 650 commits to master since this release

It's also contains a handful of fixes and build infrastructure improvements to prepare to recently release LibSass 3.3.0 betas.

Node 4 compatibility

This release officially lands Node 4 support if you're building the native binding manually. For everyone else we had previously back ported precompiled Node 4 compatible native bindings to the v3.3.2 release.


  • Prepare for LibSass 3.3.0 betas (@saper, #1146)
  • Show compiler flags when building to improve debugging and error reporting (@saper, #1129)
  • Update to new Travis CI container infrastructure for faster builds (@xzyfer, #1117)
  • Standardise on using cross-spawn for spawning child processes (@xzyfer, #1015)
  • Update documentation for multi-file compilations to the clearer directory compilations (@xzyfer, #985)


  • Fix race conditions in some tests (@saper, #1149 #1150)
  • Fix poor error message when the LibSass binding is not found (@xzyfer, #1148)
  • Fix binding unnecessarily needing to be recompiled foriojs.exe and node.exe on Windows (@saper, #1147)
  • No longer use C++ exceptions in the binding code (@saper, #1133 fixing #1127 crash)
  • Fix custom functions returning sass.types.List(1) sometimes crashing (@saper, #1131)
  • Fix poor error message when calling render()/renderSync() without file or data (@saper, #924)