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# -*- mode: org -*-
#+STARTUP: nofold
* Documentation
Redo tutorial?
Syntax highlighting?
* Code
Keep track of error offsets everywhere
Use this to show error location in messages
Just clean up SassScript syntax errors in general
Lexer errors in particular are icky
See in particular error changes made in c07b5c8
** Sass
Benchmark the effects of storing the raw template in sassc
If it's expensive, overload RootNode dumping/loading to dup and set @template to nil
Then fall back on reading from actual file
Make Rack middleware the default for Rails and Merb versions that support it
CSS superset
Classes are mixins
Can refer to specific property values? Syntax?
Pull in Compass watcher stuff
Particularly word constituents in Regexps
Also comma-folding identical rules where possible
Multiple levels
0: No optimization
1: Nothing that changes doc structure
No comma-folding
2: Anything that keeps functionality identical to O2 (default)
3: Assume order of rules doesn't matter
Comma-fold even if there are intervening rules that might interfere
Add (optional) support for
Cross-unit arithmetic should compile into this
Should we use "mod" in Sass for consistency?
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