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[Haml] Document the XSS support.

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+### Rails XSS Protection
+Haml 2.2.9 supports the XSS protection in Rails versions 2.3.5+.
+There are several components to this:
+* If XSS protection is enabled, Haml's { `:escape_html`}
+ option is set to `true` by default.
+* Strings declared as HTML safe won't be escaped by Haml,
+ including the {file:Haml/Helpers.html#html_escape-instance_method `#html_escape`} helper
+ and `&=` if `:escape_html` has been disabled.
+* Haml helpers that generate HTML are marked as HTML safe,
+ and will escape their input if it's not HTML safe.
## [2.2.8](
* Fixed a potential XSS issue with HTML escaping and wacky Unicode nonsense.
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+#### Rails XSS Protection
+Haml supports Rails' XSS protection scheme,
+which was introduced in Rails 2.3.5+ and is enabled by default in 3.0.0+.
+If it's enabled, Haml's [`:escape_html`](#escape_html-option)
+option is set to `true` by default -
+like in ERB, all strings printed to a Haml template are escaped by default.
+Also like ERB, strings marked as HTML safe are not escaped.
+Haml also has [its own syntax for printing a raw string to the template](#unescaping_html).
+If the `:escape_html` option is set to false when XSS protection is enabled,
+Haml doesn't escape Ruby strings by default.
+However, if a string marked HTML-safe is passed to [Haml's escaping syntax](#escaping_html),
+it won't be escaped.
+Finally, all the {file:Haml/Helpers.html Haml helpers} that return strings
+that are known to be HTML safe are marked as such.
+In addition, string input is escaped unless it's HTML safe.
### Ruby Module
Haml can also be used completely separately from Rails and ActionView.

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