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[Sass] 'Control Structures' -> 'Control Directives'.

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12 doc-src/
@@ -153,13 +153,16 @@ Available options are:
{#template_location-option} `:template_location`
: A path to the root sass template directory for you application.
If a hash, `:css_location` is ignored and this option designates
- both a mapping between input and output directories.
+ a mapping between input and output directories.
May also be given a list of 2-element lists, instead of a hash.
Defaults to `RAILS_ROOT + "/public/stylesheets/sass"`
or `MERB_ROOT + "/public/stylesheets/sass"`.
Only has meaning within Ruby on Rails or Merb.
This will be derived from the `:css_location` path list if not provided
by appending a folder of "sass" to each corresponding css location.
+ Please note: When multiple template locations are specified, all
+ of them are placed in the import path, allowing you to import
+ between them.
{#css_location-option} `:css_location`
: The path where CSS output should be written to.
@@ -412,7 +415,7 @@ For example:
Some directives can also control whether or how many times
a chunk of Sass is output.
-Those are documented under Control Structures.
+Those are documented under Control Directives.
### `@import` {#import}
@@ -518,10 +521,9 @@ compiles to:
#main {
background-color: white; } }
-## Control Structures
+## Control Directives
-SassScript supports basic control structures for looping and conditionals
-using the same syntax as directives.
+SassScript supports basic control directives for looping and conditional evaluation.
### `@if`
2 lib/sass/tree/node.rb
@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ def to_s
# Runs the dynamic Sass code:
- # mixins, variables, control structures, and so forth.
+ # mixins, variables, control directives, and so forth.
# This doesn't modify this node or any of its children.
# \{#perform} shouldn't be overridden directly;

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