when I sass --watch , the error "undefined method `force_polling'.... #1132

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cycold commented Feb 25, 2014

Administrator@ZLCF-06 /E/work/2014/tmp/sassTest
$ sass --watch --sourcemap sass:css
Sass is watching for changes. Press Ctrl-C to stop.
NoMethodError: undefined method `force_polling' for #Listen::Listener:0x108e628
Use --trace for backtrace.
Administrator@ZLCF-06 /E/work/2014/tmp/sassTest
$ sass -v
Sass 3.3.0.rc.5 (Maptastic Maple)

nex3 commented Feb 25, 2014

What version of the listen gem do you have installed?

@nex3 nex3 added this to the 3.3 milestone Feb 25, 2014
cycold commented Feb 26, 2014

listen version:
$ gem install listen --pre Successfully installed listen-2.6.1 Parsing documentation for listen-2.6.1 1 gem installed

@nex3 nex3 removed the Awaiting Response label Feb 26, 2014
cycold commented Feb 26, 2014

About details

$ sass --watch sass:css --trace

    Sass is watching for changes. Press Ctrl-C to stop.
    d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/plugin/compiler.rb:281:in 'watch': undefined method 'force_polling' for #<Listen::Listener:0x14951e8> (NoMethodError)
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/plugin.rb:108:in 'method_missing'
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/exec.rb:509:in 'watch_or_update'
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/exec.rb:346:in 'process_result'
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/exec.rb:43:in 'parse'
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/lib/sass/exec.rb:22:in 'parse!'
    from d:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sass-3.3.0.rc.5/bin/sass:13:in '<top (required)>'
    from d:/Ruby200/bin/sass:23:in 'load'
    from d:/Ruby200/bin/sass:23:in '<main>'

$ gem list

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

    bigdecimal (1.2.0)
    celluloid (0.15.2)
    chunky_png (1.3.0)
    compass (1.0.0.alpha.18)
    compass-core (1.0.0.alpha.17)
    compass-import-once (1.0.2)
    ffi (1.9.3 x86-mingw32)
    io-console (0.4.2)
    json (1.7.7)
    listen (2.4.1, 1.1.6)
    minitest (4.3.2)
    multi_json (1.8.4)
    psych (2.0.0)
    rake (0.9.6)
    rb-fsevent (0.9.4)
    rb-inotify (0.9.3)
    rb-kqueue (0.2.2)
    rdoc (4.0.0)
    sass (3.3.0.rc.5)
    test-unit (
    timers (1.1.0)
cycold commented Feb 26, 2014

When I using:
sass --compass --watch --sourcemap sass:css
It's good work!.
No error message.It can monitor all the time
but using sass --watch --sourcemap sass:css
the error message display still.It can disrupt watching...

@nex3 nex3 closed this Feb 28, 2014
cycold commented Mar 1, 2014

Good job!
Updated compiler.rb It's good working.

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