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source-map option causes warn_about_public_url cause by mixing up slash and backslash in call to relative_path_from #1135

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SASS 3.3.0.rc.5 - Windows 8.1 x64

I'm calling SASS from within gulp-sass and I get the warn_about_public_url.

I confirm gulp-sass is sending correct filenames (the spawn is :sass C:\Users\pascal\AppData\Local\Temp\46f2af77-e238-473f-a0d6-ff6b97cc09c1\main.scss C:\Users\pascal\AppData\Local\Temp\46f2af77-e238-473f-a0d6-ff6b97cc09c1\main.css --load-path C:\Pascal Documenten\projecten\Specialleke\site-dev.002\styles --sourcemap) But if I print the values from the variables dest_directory and base_directory infrom relative_path_from(pathname.rb) then I see that sometimes the '\' is replaced by a '/'.

I quick fixed this by following patch on relative_path, but I guess this is a sass issue (probably in filesystem.rb?)

def relative_path_from(base_directory)
  #pascal patched :         
  #dest_directory = self.cleanpath.to_s
  #base_directory = base_directory.cleanpath.to_s
  # hardcoded fix only for windows
  dest_directory = self.cleanpath.to_s.capitalize!.gsub("/", "\\")
  base_directory = base_directory.cleanpath.to_s.capitalize!.gsub("/", "\\")

This is a debug log of one call to SASS to compile with source_map

[relative_path_from patch]base :C:\users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd
[relative_path_from patch]dest: C:\users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd/main.css

Here below you see that the second time the relative_path_from is called, the base has a backslash after "C:" while destination has a slash after "C:"

[relative_path_from patch]base :C:\users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd
[relative_path_from patch]dest: C:/users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd/main.scss

Same goes for the third call to relative_path_from

[relative_path_from patch]base :C:\users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd
[relative_path_from patch]dest: C:/users/pascal/appdata/local/temp/33d81f64-28a8-41f6-b3c1-23074ec13efd/main.scss
@nex3 nex3 added the Bug label
@nex3 nex3 added this to the 3.3 milestone

Can you provide a simple case that I can reproduce locally? In particular, one of more Sass files that produce an unexpected warning, and a command-line invocation of the sass executable that causes that warning to be emitted.

@nex3 nex3 referenced this issue from a commit
@nex3 nex3 Avoid Pathname canonicalization errors on Windows.
Pathname doesn't canonicalize Windows directory separators, which was
causing #relative_path_from to fail. We now do this canonicalization

Closes #1135
@nex3 nex3 closed this
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