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What I'm looking for is a way to @extend a selector without printing it.

I'm looking for this feature because I write some styles that are used several by several markups, but I don't want to tie them to any markup. Currently, I'm using classes starting with - (hyphen) since they are probably not being used in the actual markup.

@nex3 once suggested using a @quiet directive to define these non-printing classes. I thought of using _ (underscore) in the beginning of the selector, to make it consistent with partials. Either way will do.


I'm thinking of funding this feature, please let me know how much would it cost to get this coded.


I keep resorting to using mixins instead when I don't want to have them print. I'm not sure of the best practice on this.


@timplunkett resorting to mixins will print the properties everytime you @include it.
also, if you try to @include an undefined mixin it breaks compilation. if you try to @extend a class that does not exist, everything works just fine.


@barraponto, not sure that the first part is a bad thing. To the second part, I think that is a bug, see #111


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Just noticed this has already been proposed in #102 and is discussed in depth in http://blog.millermedeiros.com/2011/11/the-problem-with-css-pre-processors/


this just landed on master for sass 3.2. The feature is called "placeholder selectors".



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