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3.4.21 (11 January 2016)

This is a bug fix release.

  • Consistent output formatting for numbers close to an integer.
    Issue #1931
  • Correctly round negative numbers that were almost but not quite a whole number (slightly greater than the negative number).
    Issue #1938
  • Don't strip escaped semicolons from compressed output.
    Issue #1932
  • Only compress around dashes within nth selectors.
    Issue #1933
  • Selector compression of whitespace around commas was affecting attribute values.
    Issue #1947
  • Make subtraction work when a unit is followed directly by a hyphen and then a period. For example, 1em-.75em now returns 0.25em rather than 1em-0.75em. This is consistent with the behavior when the subtrahend begins with a 0. Issue #1954