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This repository contains examples that show the capabilities of SAS REST APIs. You can use these examples for learning or for validating your environment. You are encouraged to contribute your own examples.

The APIs are group into the following categories:

API Category Description
Visualization Provide access to reports and report images
Compute Act on SAS compute and analytic servers, including Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)
Text Analytics Provide analysis and categorization of text documents
Data Management Enable data manipulation and data quality operations on data sources
Decision Management Provide access to machine scoring and business rules
Core Services Provide operations for shared resources such as files and folders

Within each grouping will be a folder for SAS and User contributions (we encourage external participation).


The examples in this repository offer sample REST API calls, including valid http methods, headers, and body content, where applicable. Sample responses are also included. Requests are submitted by standard REST call methods: Postman, cURL, application code, etc.


We welcome your contributions! Please read for details on how to submit contributions to this project.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Additional Resources

  • the SAS developer portal that contains a comprensive list of our REST APIs and their documentation.
  • Developers Community- provides a forum for collaboration, Q&A, and knowledge and resource sharing for SAS integration with open source technologies
  • SAS support web site incorperating documentation, technical support, customer news, tips and tricks
  • blog articles for developers- SAS blog articles geared towards developers
  • blog articles for SAS REST APIs- SAS blog articles specifically covering SAS REST APIs and their usage
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