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A complete web application using restaf to explore SAS REST APIs.
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An useful application to explore SAS REST APIs. This is also a great example of using restaf to build a medium-sized application.

Please review the source code to see how restaf is used to achieve the desired goal with minimal coding.


git clone https://<this github>/restaf-apiexplorer.git
cd restaf-apiexplorer
npm install

git clone
cd restaf-apiexplorer
npm install

Configure the app

Server setup

To run this application you need to do the following:

  1. Ask your system administrator to enable CORS using the SAS Environment Manager. If you own the server you should logon as administrator to Environment Manager and do the following:

      a.	configuration ->(Definitions from the view dropdown)
      b. Select  Make sure allowedHeaders, allowedMethods and AllowedOrigin are set to * or some whitelist
  2. Ask your system administrator to give you a clientid and clientSecret appropriate for implicit flow with the following callback


The appport is from the apiexplorer.env file

The appmachine is where you are running this app (ex: http://mydesktop:5008/apiexplorer.html)


Running the application

npm start

Now visit the site indicated in the console and follow the instructions.


The list of available services depends on what has been installed on the server. So do not depend on it - Type it in.

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