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This project contains code samples and materials to help you learn to use the SAS Library for Android application programming interface.
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SAS SDK for Android Examples

This repository contains Android Studio projects illustrating the use of the SAS SDK for Android which enables Android developers to build customized apps that include content from SAS® Visual Analytics. The SAS SDK lets you build mobile apps that you can personalize, preconfigure, customize, and manage to meet your exact requirements.

SDK Setup

  • Access and download the maven repository ( from the [ Mobile SDK site] (

  • Unzip to a location such as: /tmp/mavenrepo.

  • Define an environment variable that points to the location:

      export MOBILEBI_MAVEN_REPO_URL=file:///tmp/mavenrepo
  • Please view the SAS SDK release notes for a rundown on new features and changes.

Build and Run Example Apps

With Android Studio: "Open An Existing Android Studio Project" or "File" > "Open", then navigate to and select project's build.gradle file.

You should be able to build and run the example projects on an emulator or device right away.

Scenarios addressed through the Example Apps

Personalize and Pre-configure:

The first step app developers using the SAS SDK may want to take is to personalize the exising SAS Visual Analytics app by building a mobile app that uses their app name and icon. This can be done by creating a project with just resource files for your app name, icon and other assets. You can also pre-configure the connections to the SAS Visual Analytics Server and the reports that you would like to be downloaded in a connections.json file under the assets folder.

No code is necessary for these use cases.

Example: PersonalizedApp


Creating a fully customized mobile app lets you include both SAS Visual Analytics reports and any other content and capabilities that tie into your organizational goals, processes, and projects. An example of a custom mobile app built with the SAS SDK is GatherIQ, a free app that is part of the SAS Data for Good program. This app is available in the App Store and Google Play.



If you manage and secure your mobile devices with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can integrate your mobile apps with your MDM solution by using the SAS SDK. This is done by providing custom implementations of the various interfaces in SASManagerContext, namely:


For information, advice, and questions on the use of SAS Mobile SDKs please start with the SAS Visual Analytics online community.

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