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SAS Viya Administration Resource Kit (SAS Viya ARK). Tools and utilities to help SAS customers with SAS Viya readiness.
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SAS Viya Administration Resource Kit (SAS Viya ARK)

SAS Viya ARK provides interoperating tools and utilities to help SAS customers prepare for a SAS(R) Viya(R) deployment.


SAS Viya ARK is a collection of resources to automate and streamline tasks that are required to prepare an environment for a SAS Viya deployment.

The master branch supports the latest release of SAS Viya.   Visit the releases page for specific information about SAS Viya-ARK and related SAS Viya product releases.

SAS Viya ARK provides the following types of assistance:

  • Pre-deployment assessment and optional configuration
  • Post-deployment automation and utilities
  • Upgrade task automation
  • Infrastructure templates

Prerequisites for SAS Viya ARK

Each item that is included in the resource kit provides a document that describes its specific prerequisites and functionality.

For example, a functioning Ansible Controller is required to run the Ansible playbooks that are included below in the Pre-installation Playbook section. A list of the available playbooks is provided.

Index of Tools

Tool support for the latest release of SAS Viya:

Related Tools Not Contained in SAS Viya ARK:


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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