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This is a theme repository for satRday conference websites using the hugo static site generator.


  1. Install hugo

  2. Start a new site

    hugo new site [city][year] # such as cardiff2018
    cd [city][year]
    git init
  3. Install hugo-satrday-theme as a submodule

    git submodule add themes/hugo-satrdays-theme
  4. copy the config.toml from this site into your projects root (i.e. /cardiff2018/config.toml)

  5. copy the files in hugo-satrdays-theme/data/projects/ into [city][year]/data/schedule/ e.g. /cardiff2018/data/schedule/

  6. check if the site builds

    hugo serve

    go to the port listed in the return to see your site e.g. localhost:xxxx, probably localhost:1313

  7. modify the params in the config.toml

  8. If you want to make the page different in a way not accessible through the config.toml the best way is to copy the relevant partial from the theme (e.g. mysite/themes/hugo-satrdays-theme/layouts/patials/clients.html) and put it into the layouts on the root project folder (e.g. mysite/layouts/patials/clients.html, which you may need to make). This will be 'found first' when the site is generated, and so used instead.