Canopus framework and flight computer software for CubeBug cubesat platform
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Canopus framework and flight computer software for CubeBug cubesat
platform (

Here we are publishing the software for the CubeBug cubesat platform.
The version we are releasing here is halfway between CubeBug-1 and CubeBug-2.

It has been refactored after finishing CubeBug-1 and before starting
developing CubeBug-2, and has already a lot of the functionality included
in CubeBug-2.

All the interesting code is inside src/lib/canopus

Canopus is a HAL built from the concept of channels. Higher level code
communicates with devices (simulated or real ones) using channels.

The real flight computer uses Canopus over FreeRTOS in a TI ARM TMS570.
Also the same high level code can be built on posix (linux32 and linux64)
thanks to Canopus and a port of FreeRTOS to posix.


Canopus is Satellogic SA Copyright 2013. All our code is GPLv3 licensed.

Build instructions


1. Download and install Code Composer Studio ver (linux)
2. Import the following projects from projects/torino1500:
    * halcogen_torino1500
    * freertos+trace
    * canopus+trace  
    * cubebug2+trace    
3. Build the projects in that order
4. Upload canopus+trace_torino1500.out to your favourite torino board

X86 and x86_64

1. Download and install Eclipse and CDT (C/C++) plugin
2. Import the following projects from projects/linuxXX
    * frertos_linuxXX
    * canopus_linuxXX
    * cubebug2_linuxXX
3. Build
4. Run ./projects/linux64/cubebug2/Debug/cubebug2_linux64

Third party

* FreeRTOS
    Modified GPLv2, permits linking with closed source code
* HalCoGen
    Custom license, redistribution permitted with open source
* cmockery 
    Copyright 2008 Google Inc. Apache License Version 2.0

Contact us

If you are interested or have any question, please send as an email!
  <oss AT satellogic DOT com>