Symfony console command to deploy application via AWS CodeDeploy
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Symfony console command for deployment to AWS CodeDeploy

If you want to deploy your Symfony application to AWS and use the CodeDeploy service, you're in the right place :)

How it works

  1. remove old /dist folder if already exists
  2. copy preselected application files to /dist folder
  3. compress the whole /dist folder to zip archive
  4. push newly created zip archive to AWS S3 bucket
  5. create new deployment in AWS CodeDeploy
  6. wait for deployment to finish and show info about progress

How it will make your life easier

  • you don't have to copy the whole application dir to S3 (default behaviour for deployment over AWS CLI)
  • you don't have to remember any CLI commands (just php app/console deploy)
  • deployment process is versioned and transparent


  • AWS CodeDeploy configuration
  • working connection to AWS from your local machine


  • symfony
  • aws/aws-sdk-php
  • skrz/autowiring-bundle (optional)


  • copy and update configs/appspec.yml to your application needs
  • copy and update parameters from configs/parameters.yml to your app
  • copy DeployCommand.php to your namespace folder
  • configure dependencies for command in your services.yml (if you're not using skrz/autowiring-bundle)
  • update filepaths in the command if needed