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421 Final Project

To Run Battleship:
1.	Create a new project in Eclipse using the directories and files in this zip
2.	Right-click on src > battleship > and select 
	Run As > Java Application.
3.	Follow the Game-play Instructions provided below to play the game.

Game-play Instructions:
I.	Ship Placement
	a.	Each player has 5 ships to place with the following lengths:
			Aircraft Carrier	5
			Battleship 			4
			Destroyer			3
			Submarine			3
			Patrol Boat			2
	b.	To place a ship, click the button for the ship you want to place, and 
		click on a square on the grid to place the ship.
	c.	The mouse pointer corresponds to the end of the ship, and the ship
		extends either to the right or down depending on the orientation.
	d.	To change the orientation of the ship being placed, click the button
		labeled "Change to..." A North/South orientation means the ship extends
		down from the pointer, while an East/West orientation means the ship
		extends to the right from the pointer.
II.	Firing
	a.	During each turn, each player has the opportunity to select one space
		of the grid to fire upon. Select a space by clicking on it.
	b.	If a player hits an opponent's ship, a message is displayed alerting
		them to the fact on an intermediate screen.
	c.	To advance to the next player's turn, click on the screen and continue 
		from step a.
	a.	The first player to sink all of their opponent's ships is the winner.
	b.	As soon as the last of a player's ships is sunk, a summary screen will
		appear showing the locations of each players' ships, where each ship
		was hit, and where in the water was shot.
	c.	To close the game, simply click on the screen again, or click the 'x'
		in the top right corner of the screen.
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