Functional programming concepts explained in Javascript using "Functional programming for the rest of us"
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Javascript Functional Koans - Functional Programming for the Rest of Us#

This is inspired by Edgecase's Ruby koans and the suite is forked from Javascript koans

The goal of Javascript functional koans is to teach basic functional programming concepts using Javascript.

It is based on the following articles:

  1. Functional Programming for the Rest of Us.
  2. Best introductions to Monad i've ever read (Haskell to Javascript)

It uses the koans philosophy to teach the following concepts:

  1. Functions as First class objects
  2. Recursion
  3. Higher order functions
  4. Currying
  5. Lazy evaluation
  6. Continuations
  7. Pattern matching
  8. Closures
  9. Monads

The koans will stick to the original article.

Running the Koans from a Browser

Navigate to the Javascript functional Koans folder using a file browser, and double click on KoansRunnner.html.

The test runner used is Jasmine with a customized report viewer from Javascript koans by mrdavidlaing


You are free to copy, add or distribute the koans in any form.