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ScrApify is a gem which scraps static html pages and exposes them as JSON APIs

This is a sample Rack application using scrapify to create a RESTful read only service from static page.

JSON API (Rack application example)

Scrapify comes with a Rack application called Jsonify which can expose scraped models as JSON.

1 Install scrapify

$ gem install scrapify

2 Define model and attributes

See models/pizza.rb for example

class Pizza
  include Scrapify::Base
  attributes :name, css: '.menu li'

3 In Rack application map the routes you want to expose as JSON using Rack::Builder#map

  map '/pizzas' do
    run'/pizzas', ::Pizza)

Jsonify will fetch data from static html sites and expose them as JSON in these urls:

  • /pizzas
  • /pizzas/:id

Jsonify currently has a limitation where the URLs /pizzas.json and /pizzas/1.json cannot be matched by the same map entry in Rack routes

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