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pIpe is ifttt for websites/webservices linked to webservices/smartphones/desktops with advanced filters
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ifttt is awesome for popular channels like Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. But if you want to customize channels to use any json or xml feed it isn't of much help.

pIpe is ifttt like library for websites/webservices linked to webservices/smartphones/desktops with advanced filters.

It is the ultimate in web automation. It will even work for website content.

See Hacker News Gtalk Alert for example

hacker_news = '')
iphone5_post = 'title', contains: 'iPhone5')
gtalk_message = '', message: 'Found iPhone 5 post in HackerNews'), iphone5_post, gtalk_message).execute

To run this alert like ifttt, add this script to crontab.

To install:

gem install pipe

Add to Gemfile:

gem 'pipe'


pIpe is still a work in progress and currently works only for JSON content source with Gtalk, Pushover and Growl notifications.

To contribute, fork and check out unfinished Sources, Sinks, Inputs, Outputs


Source can be:

  1. Any json feed
  2. Any xml/rss feed
  3. Any website with changes detected from html
  4. Twitter


Events can be notified to:

  1. Any webservice
  2. Desktop notifications like Growl
  3. iPhone / Android
  4. Email, Instant Message, Text Message
  5. Twitter, Google Calendar, Todo lists etc


pIpe has advanced filters and will not be limited to one input and output.


In order to configure settings for the Gtalk plugin, you will need to set up two environment variables.

For Gtalk


For Pushover

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