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LocalReads helps you list your paper books in an online shelf and tag a location to the shelf. When you and more of your friends and neighbors create shelves, you will start seeing Books owned by people in your neighborhood. You can request for a book from a neighbor and exchange your books to read new ones.

Using this project

LocalReads is also an open source app.

The front-end Android app is built completely using Ionic Framework and AngularJS technologies. Developers who want to build similar apps or extend LocalReads can check the source code in this repository.

The back-end used for LocalReads is Grails framework with MongoDB backend. The source code repository is at

The projects use BDD/TDD style development. The front-end uses Protractor for e2e and Karma for unit tests. The backend-end grails code uses the spock library for tests

Building and Testing the Source

To build the source you need Ionic from Follow the installation instructions at to setup the build. You will need to install a few plugins - Device, GeoLocation, NetworkStatus, Keyboard and Google+.

To unit test the source code you will require Karma test runner installed. Check the docs at

To do end to end tests you need to install Protractor. Check the documentation at


A Fun New Way to Discover Paper Books Nearby




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