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Zols is a Light weighted Content Management System built on Spring Framework. Apart from providing everything you want from a CMS, Zols is unique in three ways:

Embeddable CMS

Zols can run both as a standalone CMS or as an embedded CMS within your existing Spring Web Application.All you need is to include some jars to your Spring MVC application. Your CMS is in your application straight away

From HTML to CMS in no time

Directly link your HTML Projects to CMS. Make changes to HTML files and see it up and running in no time.This gives the power of quickly bootstrapping and testing our your HTML authoring and be able to quickly deploy it in the production.

Native Data Format

Content is no longer just a text. Any data we enter here is stored in it's native format. For E.g Dates, Time, Number etc. Which we can read, update, delete and query by clearly documented REST API


Zols is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.