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Brackets is an open-source code editor built with the web for the web.


You can hide your sidebar using View->Hide Sidebar Or Ctrl+Alt+H (Brackets Feature). But it is little hard, if you want to access it immediatley. By using this extension, you can bring sidebar into view by clicking at the left corner and you can collapse it by clicking on editor area. Also, if you want to open it on mouseover, you can set your preference in brakets.json preference file.

How to set your preference

  1. Open preference file using Debug -> Open Preferences File.
  2. Add an option like below. If no preferences specified, "click" will be the default.
  • "sidebarplus.triggermode": "mouseover"
  • (Or) "sidebarplus.triggermode": "click"


You can see this youtube video for demo.

For support & issues

Please post your issues, feature changes/requests of this extension using github. I will try to improve this extension.