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@SuperCoder7979 SuperCoder7979 released this Jul 15, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release

Installation instructions:

  • Download the xinput1_3.dll file.
  • Go to your Satisfactory install folder, go to FactoryGame, Binaries, then Win64.
  • Place your xinput1_3.dll file there.
  • Run FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe.
  • If a console window appeared, SML is good to go!
    Upon running for the first time, a mods folder will be generated. Any mod DLLs that you download will go in there.


  • Added coremod support. Any dll in the coremods folder will be loaded at launch. Adding coremods will invalidate any SML bug report because it's hard to determine if SML or the coremod has the problem.
  • Added new version checking code so people stop bothering me whenever the game is out of date. Now it only throws an error when you install a version of SML that is updated beyond your Satisfactory version.
  • Added warning and error macros for ExampleMod.
  • Added wrappers for addRecipe and loadObjectFromPak.
  • Changed spawn actor commands to return the object that they spawned.
  • Updated the SDK.
  • Shortened compile times dramatically. The first time you compile the project it will take 5 mins, but after that it will take shorter than 2 mins.
  • Made the executable 7 times smaller (3800KB to 500KB)
  • Fixed chat commands and hooks not working.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in ExampleMod.

This update is a smaller update than the last one, but it fixes a lot of the issues in it. The build process has also been updated, so compiling should be much easier than it was before!

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