Model-View-Intent with React and RxJS
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Model-View-Intent example with React and RxJS

See my blog post for an explanation of this example.


After checking out, cd to the directory where the code is checked out, and then:

npm install
npm run build

Running the example

The package.json file for this example includes json-server. To start it:

npm run json-server

Then open index.html file in the browser.

If you don't have npm

If you don't know what npm is, or don't have it installed, you can still run the example after editing some code. You just need to use a public REST API url instead of the url of the local json-server.

Open the file build/app.js. Search for this line:

var RESOURCE_URL = "http://localhost:3000/users/";

Replace it with this:

var RESOURCE_URL = "";

Then open index.html in the browser.

Note that though the public REST API allows us to make DELETE requests, it doesn't actually delete any data. So even if you use the delete button in example, the user won't get deleted.