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A bare minimum project structure to get started developing with electron-webpack.

Thanks to the power of electron-webpack this template comes packed with...

  • Use of webpack-dev-server for development
  • HMR for both renderer and main processes
  • Use of babel-preset-env that is automatically configured based on your electron version
  • Use of electron-builder to package and build a distributable electron application

Make sure to check out electron-webpack's documentation for more details.

Getting Started

Simply clone down this reposity, install dependencies, and get started on your application.

The use of the yarn package manager is strongly recommended, as opposed to using npm.

# create a directory of your choice, and copy template using curl
mkdir new-electron-webpack-project && cd new-electron-webpack-project
curl -fsSL | tar -xz --strip-components 1

# or copy template using git clone
git clone
cd electron-webpack-quick-start
rm -rf .git

# install dependencies

Development Scripts

# run application in development mode
yarn dev

# compile source code and create webpack output
yarn compile

# `yarn compile` & create build with electron-builder
yarn dist

# `yarn compile` & create unpacked build with electron-builder
yarn dist:dir
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