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# Install Ansible using Python package mangement tool, "pip".
FROM alpine:3.7
LABEL maintainer="Bogdan Marian <>"
# The list of Ansible packages one can install via pip can be found here:
ARG ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOKS_HOME="/opt/ansible-playbooks"
COPY resources/ansible.cfg /etc/ansible/
# The folder containing the Ansible playbooks found on the Docker host
RUN apk add --no-cache \
# Install pip and its dependencies
build-base=0.5-r0 \
libffi-dev=3.2.1-r4 \
python2-dev=2.7.14-r2 \
py-cffi=1.10.0-r0 \
py-cryptography=2.0.3-r1 \
py2-pip=9.0.1-r1 \
# Install Ansible specific package using pip
&& pip install ansible==$ANSIBLE_VERSION \
# Avoid a series of warnings
&& echo 'localhost' > /etc/ansible/hosts \
# Cleanup
&& rm -f /var/cache/apk/* \
&& rm -r /root/.cache